Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Cheesy Chicken Burritos

I was not planning on posting any new recipes today, but since the chili turned out so great yesterday it inspired me to keep trying new things! My cousin, sister, and I set out to make chicken taco's for lunch. They slowly evolved in to this enormous, delicious masterpiece. My talented cousin took most of these pictures, and let me tell you, just looking at them makes my mouth water! Here is the recipe. Again, this one is very simple.

Cheesy Chicken Burritos
-4 pieces of boneless, skinless chicken
-1 large vadalia onion, sliced into long strips
-1 orange pepper, cut julienne style
-1 red pepper, cut julienne style
-1 Tbsp. of cooking oil
-½ head of lettuce
-1 large tomato, cubed
-1 packet of taco seasoning
-¾ cup of water
-¼ cup of cheese
-1 packet of tortilla's
-You can also add beans and rice into your burrito for added flavors.

Cook chicken in a pan, until no longer pink in the center. Cube into small pieces.

Mix taco seasoning and water into a small bowl. (You can add more water if needed). Mix in with the chicken. Let simmer for 10-15 minutes.

While chicken is simmering combine oil, onions, red and orange peppers into a hot wok. Cook until tender.

Prepare “add in” items.

Before taking chicken off the heat, combine the cheese straight into the pan. This will give the chicken some extra flavor.

Create burrito with desired ingredients.

The great thing about burrito's and taco's is their versatility. You can manipulate the ingredients however best suits you.

-Bon Apetite!

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