Friday, June 25, 2010


Well, after taking an EXTENDED (to say the least) hiatus from writing on this blog, I am back!

I was asked by a few friends and family members when I was going to get back on here and put up more recipes! So here I am.

Some excuses I could use for not writing on here:
- Starting a new grueling semester as an English major.
- My new nephew and niece.
- Working full time.

BUT, none of that matters. I should have set aside time to do the one thing I love that relaxes me. It is sad to say that my kitchen has been empty for months. I have cooked barely once a week and that makes me blush.

SO. If you thought I had a few recipes up my sleeve to leave you with tonight, sadly, I don't. I am actually going to be gone for 2 weeks (starting on July 6th) traveling (driving) to different places around America and Canada. Since I won't have recipes to try and post during the trip, I have decided to surround my blog (for that time) on the AMAZING food I am sure to encounter.

I hope you still decide to follow me on all of my new adventures. Hopefully, this year (MY SENIOR YEAR OF COLLEGE! WOOHOO) will be different and I will breeze through my "novel-a-week" assignments and will post more about my recipes!

With this, I leave you with the most adorable picture of the 2 people who consume my life now.
They are absolutely amazing and will be the best su chefs EVER!
-Bon Apetit!


  1. You just made me cry ... I'm still emotional and you will have to teach Madison to cook bc everyone knows I can't

  2. That is my favorite picture of the two of them!
    So excited to keep up with your food adventures! :)