Sunday, June 27, 2010


The Food Network is a pretty big deal in my house. My mom and I watch it obsessively while my dad can't stand it. Arguments about this fact usually ensue (in comic fashion, of course). SO, I had the urge to ask every person in my house (at a certain moment) who their top 3 favorite Food Network hosts are.

I went first:
- Bobby Flay: I have always had a secret crush on Bobby Flay. It's probably just his presence because I don't really like all the food he makes.
- Ellie Kreiger: Her recipes are FLAWLESS and HEALTHY. She aided me a lot in changing recipes to make them healthier.
-Guy Fieri: He travels a lot. I love to travel. I would steal his job at any time. Plus, ever since I was young I have loved diners and diner food.

Next was my sister, Jennifer:
-Giada De Larentis: This is a love/hate relationship. She loves her food but hates her random Italian accent when saying things such as "moot-zer-ella" and "pA-sta". I am confident that her 5 foot nothing self would punch Giada in the face in a real-life situation.
- Chairman from Kitchen Stadium of Iron Chef America: I can't remember his name...don't judge me. But Jenn would like to have his "nimble" skills.
-Chef Morimoto from Iron Chef America: She wants to perfect her Asian Cuisine. (To cook for me!)

Next was my MOM!
- Paula Dean: No lie. She cooks like her!
- Nigella Lawson: Loves the British spunk.
- Sandra Lee: Because who wouldn't want her to organize and decorate their kitchen!

The final two people are quiet comical. I asked my Dad (yes, the one who claims he will vomit if he has to watch anymore Food Network..) and my brother-in-law, Tim (who I am pretty sure has never seen anything on the Food Network).

Dad: He gave the people he HATES the most
-Rachel Ray
-Giada De Laurentis
-Paula Dean
...No reason was given.

-Big Daddy: Because on time he saw him cook a really great Philly Cheesesteak
-Guy Fieri: He is a "man's man"
-Buddy: who is definitely on TLC's Cake Boss, not Food Network.

Well, there you have it. My crazy family's Food Network Semi-favorites.

Who is your favorite on the Food Network??

I will leave you with a recipe that I have been asked to make by this lovely family of my almost everyday for the past 2 weeks.

Marscapone Toast

- 1 tub of Marscapone (cheese)
- 2 Tbsp. of honey
-1 baguette

- Heat oven broiler to 400 degrees.
- Cut the baguette into half-inch think slices.
- Wipe oil on both sides of the bread.
- Place bread on a baking sheet.
- Bake until golden around the edges and the center is firm, then flip and repeat. (It usually takes less than 5 minutes in my oven).

-While the bread is baking, divide the tub of cheese into Fourths.
- Place 1/4 of the cheese into a bowl and mix together with 2 Tbsp. of honey.

-Once the bread cools enough to handle, put the spread on top.
-Serve with fruit.

SO SIMPLE and a crowd pleaser!

- Bon Apetit!

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